How to Change Battery in Blink Camera

Blink cameras use non-rechargeable lithium AA 1.5v batteries that can be found at most grocery and convenience stores; Blink recommends purchasing mainstream brands like Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries as these provide optimal results.

These batteries outlast alkaline ones and perform better under extreme weather conditions. To maximize the value of your Blink cameras, replace batteries every two years for optimal results.

How to Change Battery in Blink Camera

Removing the Battery Cover

Switching out the batteries in your blink camera is a straightforward and quick process, taking just minutes. Blink recommends non-rechargeable AA lithium batteries for optimal performance and battery longevity; research has found these cells to last twice as long as alkaline power cells and provide uninterrupted power sources to devices requiring continuous power source.

If you need to replace the batteries in your blink camera, be sure to disconnect it from any mounts or accessories before opening up its battery compartment cover by moving its latch downward and lifting from its base.

After uninstalling and inserting two new batteries, secure their compartment cover by pressing it firmly down onto them. For optimal results, use Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries which have earned themselves the reputation as being long- lived batteries available.

How to Change Battery in Blink Camera

Inserting the New Battery

Recharging the batteries in your Blink camera is essential to keeping an eye on your home, enabling it to operate reliably and provide peace of mind. Furthermore, learning how to reset a Blink camera after replacing batteries can help resolve any issues or maintain security – saving both time and money in the process.

Switching the batteries in your blink camera is easy: all it requires is opening its compartment, extracting and installing a new battery, then closing and locking its compartment again. Non-rechargeable AA lithium batteries can be found at most grocery stores or gas stations; for optimal results use Energizer Ultimate 1.5v Lithium AA Batteries as they have proven themselves effective with Blink cameras and other devices.

Once your new battery is properly inserted, you should hear a click when closing its compartment. Make sure both positive and negative sides match up with their respective markings on the camera before closing its compartment for optimal results; consider replacing it every two years or as needed.

How to Change Battery in Blink Camera

Resetting the Camera

If your Blink camera is having difficulty connecting to or staying online, there are a

few strategies you can try in order to reconnect or stay online. These may include power cycling, moving your Sync Module closer to your router and factory resetting both.

Start by pressing and holding the Sync Module’s reset button for 10 seconds to reset it. When the LED indicator lights flash red and blue, pairing mode will enter and it will reconnect to its temporary WiFi network. Once back home on your network, open your app and select your device.

Look for a small hole on the bottom of the Sync Module with a pin in it and use a paperclip or small screwdriver to press its reset button. Additionally, try reinstalling your System by tapping “Add Device” in the app and scanning your Sync Module’s QR code, but if that does not resolve your issues call Blink customer support directly for further assistance.

How to Change Battery in Blink Camera


In some instances, your blink camera may be experiencing issues not related to battery. In such an instance, rebooting it may help resolve connection problems between its Sync Module and router; and even factory resetting can often provide relief.

As with the previous point, it is also essential that the correct batteries are being used. Lithium batteries offer greater energy density and will outlive alkaline options in terms of lifespan and reliability. Recharging alkaline batteries could cause leakage that damages the camera itself – something lithium batteries do not.

If your camera still won’t work as it should, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance from Blink customer service or try resetting its Sync Module and running a network scan using Route This Helps‘ scan app – both options may provide insight into potential network issues that are preventing it from working correctly, including issues that prevent your blink camera from working properly.

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